How to choose the best hairdo for your wedding!

If you are reading this, then you have either exhausted yourself looking at countless hairdo options for your wedding day, or you're just getting started. Allow BrideSPA to offer some helpful tips when deciding on the do for you.

Wait until you have said yes to a dress. If you haven't chosen a dress yet, then put a pin in your hair ....pun intended :) Once you have found a dress, think of some words that would best describe your dress and the theme of your wedding (ex: classic, vintage, fresh, couture, Hollywood). These adjectives will help you and your stylist hone in on some fitting ideas.

Don't be a daredevil. Just like trying a new recipe for the first time at Thanksgiving, its not a good idea to try a new hair style out on the day of your wedding.  Seems obvious, but it is usually overlooked. Do a trial run.  Be sure you try on any head pieces or veils to see how it will look and just as important, how it feels! You may have to "break in" your head wear so you don't get a headache on your big day. 

Extensions? If you want to have your hair down- even if you have long hair already, extensions are a great way to obtain some body and hold your do throughout the day and night! Listen up to this...Please, PLEASE- for YOUR best interest, make sure that your extensions and your hair match!! Buy extensions that are human hair so they can be dyed, curled, or straightened. Your stylist should feel comfortable working extensions into your hair, achieving a natural look.

Be Yourself. Choose a do that reflects your personality, and then take it up 20%! You are the center of attention. You are wearing a dress thats bigger (theoretically and possibly physically) that any one else and your make-up will be more glamorous than any other day. This is why we say, "bring it up about 20%." 

"Luck is preparation meeting opportunity"....You do the preparation, BrideSPA is the opportunity!