All Facials Are Not Created Equal!

When you go to a salon to get a facial, are you overwhelmed by all of the different options available? I am!! And I have learned a thing or two along the way. Read on and learn how to choose the best facial for your skin care goals. 

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of different kinds of facials to choose from. Start by asking yourself, "What do I want for my skin?" Maybe you want to reduce dark circles, help redness, acne, or age lines, rejuvenate or prevent signs of aging. For overall experience, I have always realized the best results by asking for referrals from other spa-savvy friends of mine. Once you land on a spa or private esthetician, you should feel free and comfortable communicating your skin needs and goals with them. It never hurts to do a little research of your own, but don't feel bad if you still feel lost. Most estheticians work hard to be an expert in their competitive field and should be happy to help guide your decision. 

If you have an event coming up that want your skin to "glow" for, it might be better to save the microdermabrasion for another week, where you plan to watch a Homeland marathon and be mostly indoors. Any process that includes a peel, laser or abrasive element of the treatment will make your skin very sensitive to the sun. Although these treatments often have the most benefits, they also have a longer healing period. 

For a spa party situation (where you can find BrideSPA), you can have lots of fun and rejuvenate with a variety of masks, steams, skin-type specific treatments, mild scrubs and extractions to give you that "glow" you are trying to achieve without the risk of a long recovery period! 

Once you are ready for the real-deal facials, then you have truly made a decision for your skin to be a priority. It is better late than never, but more importantly, better sooner than later! Signs of aging are much easier to prevent than they are to reverse. I always recommend asking your dermatologist what kinds of lotions and potions are safest and most effective for your particular skin-type. 

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