Considering Eyelash Extensions? Read this first!

I'm sure you've noticed little by little, more and more women's lashes looking full, lush and long. How are they doing this, since you don't hear anything about Latisse any more? Don't worry. It's no miracle! They are having the latest eyelash extensions. Ok, I said it! Sorry eye-lashers! I totally just outted you. So how do you know which salons are safe and which ones can make your eyelashes fall right out? Read on...

Since there are no official safety laws, governed by the state or department of health, just about any Tom, Dick or Harry can glue eyelashes onto your eyelids.....scary, right? The good news is, the legit artists that are catering to this hot trend are are working very hard to move the line to create new parameters of safety. Below are some very important questions to ask before trusting someone to apply eyelash extensions.

1. What kind of glue do you use? This question is very important!!!! If they say "hair glue," RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!! That chemistry is not meant to be anywhere hear your eyes! There are several brands of safe glue to use, the main ingredient you are looking for is cyanoacrylate. It is a medical grade glue that doctors to use to close open wounds without stitches. 

2. How do I get the longest life out of my lash extensions? One of the best things about eyelash extensions is that you don't really need to wear mascara. Of course, you may still wear it, but stay away from waterproof mascara. Removing waterproof mascara is tricky enough with natural lashes. It can be painful and you almost never get it all off on the first try. Plus, the waterproof properties make the extension adherence and removal less effective. Remove eye makeup with oil free make-up remover and finally, wash your eye area with baby shampoo.

3. What kind of training should they have? In my personal and professional opinion, anyone applying eyelash extensions should be at least able to show you that they went to cosmetology school or esthetician school. Note: no one HAS to have attended any of these kinds of schools to be applying lashes. It is just good sense that you only allow someone who HAS an accreditation (AND ABLE TO SHOW PROOF) to be a good place to start when choosing the right lash artist for you. 

BrideSPA adheres to the utmost safety measures to ensure that there is no danger to you. If you have any further questions, visit our website or call 863-546-8240.