3 Things you should know before getting a couples massage at home

So. you want to have a couples massage. They’re, quite easily one of the best ways to reconnect with your partner in a stress- free environment. Lets talk about why a couples massage at home can be a complete game changer for you.

  1. The first and best reason is you can feel right at home…figuratively and literally. I have had hundreds of couples massages. Some great, but most are simply too typical. Each and every time the massage draws to an end, I just want to scootch over and snuggle with my mate! When you are at a spa, there is a definite time limit to your experience. Once its over, its over. Get up, get dressed, drink your water, pay and be on your way. If its a nicer place, maybe you can relax in your robes in the “quiet area.” But, then you may be tiptoeing the line of social awkwardness if you wish to …i’ll just say it… make out!    If you are at home, you have the freedom to be how you want to be! It has changed the experience for us, for good! Try it. You’ll like it!
  2. You don’t have to worry about being THERE on time, fighting traffic or arguing with your mate that their directions are wrong, etc. You just have to go home….where most of us wish we were anyways!  Believe me, the price difference in the experience, minus the hassle of traveling, getting caught in traffic and being late for your massage- ultimately resulting in your massage time being cut short is completely worth it. Typically, if a massage therapist is coming to you, they don’t have another scheduled right after. If THEY are late, you can be sure that you are still going to get the full time that you are paying for…In fact some home sessions often go longer than agreed upon because the therapist wants you to know that your time and enjoyment are valued.

3. You can have upgrades just like an actual spa. Body treatments are all                the craze! The are indulgent, they are affective and lets face it, they just feel great! The most common upgrades are scrubs, but if a therapist really wants to add value, they will offer wraps and mud elements as well!

These three details are tremendously temping reasons to get a couples massage at home. Maybe you’re looking for a new idea for a date-nite. Imagine surprising your mate with this! It has been, in my experience, that unless your mate is a complete touch-a-phobe, you will be regarded as the best mate on the planet for arranging a home couples massage!

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