How it All Began 

Roberta created the concept of Bride Spa to make your special day, well...special! We are Central and South Florida's premiere pampering specialists who bring the spa experience to you! Weather it be a Spa Day Your Way, a Relaxation Station on-Location, or our Pretty Committee, we have you covered!

A little about the BrideSPA extraordinaire! Roberta spent her life training to be a dancer. She graduated with a bachelor of performing arts in dance from Oklahoma City University and spent the following 11 years traveling the world performing on many stages. Prior to college she studied to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. Being able to help people was always part of her core and as a massage therapist she was able to facilitate that desire! Now, hoping to create an experience that is fresh and unlike any other spa experience, BrideSPA is born. With the marriage (pun intended) of Roberta's expertise in show business, massage, glam, thinking outside the box, and a team of professionals that is unbeatable, you are sure to have the time of your life....and the look of your dreams!

Have a look around the site as we work to perfect it. We are always open to questions and adapting to your perfect day! 

Please email or for questions and further information or...just call 407-242-9977